No War With Iran!

January 24, 2020
A photograph of a handmade banner reading "No War With Iran" hanging from an overpass

Last Thursday, Donald Trump, ordered the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian major general. This assassination is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to provoke Iran into a war.

It is no secret that neoconservatives, oil barons and far right politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu have had Iran in their sights for decades. From the moment that he launched his massively Islamophobic presidential campaign in 2015, Trump was already promising to pull the United States out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (commonly referred to as the Iran Nuclear Deal). This deal was agreed to by various global leaders and fulfilled Washington’s stated main objective of preventing Iran from possessing nuclear weapons. Trump called it a “horrible one-sided deal” and began imposing more illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran. Numerous provocations have followed; from sending spy drones to Iran to blaming Iran for the Yemeni attack on the genocidal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Trump has escalated tensions consistently since he was inaugurated.

The Iraqi people have already suffered from endless deaths in an endless war. The fact that the trump administration was willing to bomb a road outside an international airport in Iraq’s capital shows us the little regard that the US government has towards Iraqi lives.

Trump is using war with Iran as a means to get reelected.

Imperialist aggression is enabled by the belief among some Americans that the United States must be the hegemon of the world; this is a profoundly white supremacist sentiment. The struggle against imperialism begins at home.

We stand in solidarity with the Iranian and Iraqi people and their right to live in peace! We reject Trump’s imperialist aggressions and provocations! We support the Iranian people’s aspiration for freedom; freedom from poverty caused by U.S. sanctions and freedom from war, violence, and environmental destruction. We call on people of conscience to mobilize and organize the anti-war movement we need today. No war with Iran!

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