This is the year that rent freezes,

That no family faces eviction

To make way for a new highway or

high rise

or coffee shop

or parking lot.

This is the year,

That governments call emergency sessions,

threaten filibusters 

or government shutdown

If opponents refuse 

multi billion dollar bailout packages

For single mothers.

This is the year four time felons,

Found guilty of falling in traps,

are found running in Miami,

and running in Pahokee,

and running in Duval,

For Senate, and Mayor, and Governor.

This is the year abuelas and granns, made maids

Rise at dawn,

Pack blankets,

Make meals,

Board buses to beaches,

To bathe, bask, laugh

In suns once served under.

If our liberation began with the vision of a world without

the colony, slum, favela, and ghetto;

then this is the year.

So let every one of us;

Hungry, tired, yet undefeated,

Lasso a new north star

And study war no more.