No one likes to be pushed around. There is enough land and water on this planet for every person and their family to live in safety and dignity. Corporations and politicians have taken away this basic human right and made our homes unlivable with war, poverty and climate disaster.  Then they make it impossible – or a crime – to find safety.  

The US has created highly militarized, totally arbitrary borders, that allow for money to move across continents with ease, but violently prevents people fleeing poverty, war and environmental destruction to move with the same ease.  At home – rampant development and gentrification forces us to move against our will at the whim of the wealthy. They move in and we are forced out – through prices and police.  

They make our homes unlivable. Then they make it a crime to find safety.

By virtue of being born, each of us has the absolute right to move to find adequate housing, work, food, water and a more full life. Alternatively every person has the right to stay in their home should they choose to.  Immigration – the act of moving to find safety – is not a crime. None of us should be forced to move or forced to stay just to satisfy the greed of corporations who are waging war against our communities for profit. It uproots our lives and destroys our families and communities.  

We have a right to public lands that are in private hands, an end to borders, and the right to clean water and air where we dwell.  Throughout history, people have traveled around the world to find safer places to live, more suitable weather, land, food and water. People have always had the right to move if they need to, and to stay if they need to. This right doesn’t end today. 

To move is to be free. To stay and have the right to return home is to be free.