Dream Defenders

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In the last month alone, police officers, sworn to serve and protect us, have murdered four unarmed black men: Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; John Crawford in Dayton, Ohio; Eric Garner in New York City; and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles.


We are prisoners of a war being waged on communities of color and the poor. We are filled to the brim with frustration, passion and anger as we stand on the frontlines.


Police are literally killing our communities and we must take action. We are asking people around the country, especially young people, to go to the U.S. Attorney’s office near them and issue local demands to address police violence and grievances with local law enforcement and to apply pressure around the national demands.


This is a national problem and we need to make it clear that people in every corner of this country are insisting on change.

“Hands Up” Artwork by Robert Gallardo