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In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Florida has become ground zero in the war on our community and our youth. Amidst this crisis, Dream Defenders have taken action, sitting-in at the Florida State Capitol to demand that our governor convene a special session of the legislature to pass “Trayvon’s Law,” which would:

• Repeal Stand Your Ground law

• Eliminate institutional racial profiling

• Dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

The fight in Florida will be the first of many, but in order for us to win – in order for us to force our politicians to listen – we need the voices of many. We need the voice of our generation. We need YOU.

The time for action is now – if not us, than who? You have a chance to join us in taking a stand for justice. Harkening back to the great social movements of the past, we are offering Freedom Rides for those looking to take action and BE THE POWER.

Freedom Rides will be departing from Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Raliegh, New York City, and Philadelphia. If you are in or around those cities we have made it easy for you to be a part of the movement moment of our lifetime.

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“To be afraid is to be as if the truth weren’t true.”

― Bayard Rustin